Release Emotional Pain
Renew Your Energy
Uncover and Express 
Your Authentic Self
Learn to Nurture Your
Body and Your Soul
Discover  What Gives
You Pleasure
Develop Fulfilling Relationships
Experience Inner Calm







Therapy can provide the path to discovering one's true self, developing self-acceptance and finding inner peace in this challenging world. 

The genuine relationship that develops between the client and an attuning, compassionate and insightful therapist is the foundation of a successful psychotherapy.

My style is warm, nonjudgemental, informal and interactive. I like helping people to feel freer, happier and more truly themselves. I am very attuned to my clients' needs. It is important to me that they feel better about themselves and their lives. 

I work in the following ways to help people heal from relational wounding/ trauma and shame, and learn to connect with themselves and others in new ways:


ATTACHMENT THEORY  explores the importance of a child's early experience with caregivers in terms of forming later patterns of relating that include one's sense of self. Childhood experiences influence how our brains become wired.

NEUROPSYCHOLOGY education and 

mindfulness exercises can rewire the brain to achieve the ability to have both the thinking and feeling parts of the brain working at the same time. This type of integration is the key to resilience, emotional balance, aliveness, opening the heart, connecting and having compassion for self and others.

FOCUS on the awareness of experience

in the present moment/somatic experience:

One learns to listen to the body's communication and self awareness increases. 

EMDR/ EFT/Brainspotting treatments to alleviate distress from traumatic memories and other adverse life experiences.



regarding biochemical and nutritional 

imbalances that can affect mood and

behavior. Referrals to health professionals who specialize in this area for testing, diagnosis and diet/nutrient treatment. 






Lack of Fulfillment in Life

Recovery from narcissistic abuse/trauma. Adult children of narcissistic parents.

HSP-Highly Sensitive People

Relationship Issues

Work Issues




Acute/Chronic Illness


Mindfulness/Meditation Practitioners

Life Transitions

Nutritional Psychology

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